The 2017 Formula 1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

Mercedes driver Valtteri Bottas took the lead.


The finale for the 2017 Formula 1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix was scheduled to be held at the modern Yas Marina Circuit this year that had been prepared for the mega-event with a magnanimous lighting system, 21-turns race track, and spacious air-conditioned garages. Fans of the F1 were excited to know that the racetrack layout was specially designed with 21 turns and 3 individual racing sections to amp up the thrill and the challenge for the top teams at the F1 final of the season.

As per initial race results, Mercedes ranked first with 625 points in the Constructor’s championship followed by Ferrari and Red Bull with 495 and 358 points respectively. With the Saturday qualifier, Hamilton bagged the top spot in the Driver’s championship with 345 points. Vettel, with 302 points held the second position, while the third spot was claimed by Valtteri Bottas with 280 points. We were excited to see the winner of the 2017 Formula 1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix who could take the title from last year’s winner Nico Rosberg.

In the final race held on 26th Nov, Mercedes driver Valtteri Bottas took the lead with 25 points to claim the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix Driver’s Championship. Lewis Hamilton followed close with 18 points to finish second, while the third position was taken up by Sebastian Vettel with 15 points.

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