Penalty Of 500 Dirhams In Abu Dhabi For Blocking Road

The announcement in the wake of a safety campaign.


As per the new regulations for traffic violation, any vehicle in Abu Dhabi that blocks the road after a minor accident will be charged 500 dirhams.

The announcement by the capital’s police force comes in the wake of a safety campaign initiated last week after the city witnessed multiple incidents concerning serious damage to vehicles due to traffic congestion.

According to the deputy director of the Directorate of traffic and patrols Abu Dhabi Police, the motorists who do not remove their cars from the road after their car has broken down or been involved in a minor accident will have to pay this traffic violation fine, as it leads to traffic congestion and serious accidents.

Those drivers who cause tailbacks because they do not move their cars from the road will also be fined. The Capital’s police force insisted that the motorists whose cars malfunction or breakdown due to a mechanical fault or a flat tire should also shift their vehicles from the road to a nearby location that is safe to avoid penalty.

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