Most Expansive Virtual World Game Need for Speed Payback Debuts in November

The predecessor of “Payback” was shrouded in darkness.


The staple of the driving game genre, “Forza 7” has already made the appearance, while “Gran Turismo Sport” is soon to follow. But both these games are less inclined toward arcade adventure flavor of the genre and swing more to driving simulator category. There’s a void felt by gamers who thirst for vehicular arcade adventure! Just for such a crowd, Need for Speed Payback is making its debut this winter. The game is touted to be comprised of never-seen-before expansive virtual terrain with night and daytime driving modes.

The predecessor of “Payback” titled “Need for Speed Rivals” was shrouded in darkness through its entirety. This made the proceedings somewhat monotonous. Payback, however, has an in-game day and night cycle bestowing upon it realism and sorely missed variation. Other speculative attributes are a huge array of vehicles at player’s disposal which can be modified to the heart’s content. If that doesn’t get automotive arcade aficionados salivating, nothing else could.

Some of the automobiles gamers can expect to use, as evident from the now-available short trailer, include Subarus and even a “pimped out” Defender 110. The game also caters to truck lovers as Land Rover and Chevy Pickup are part of the league. The trailer gives a tantalizing glimpse of what is achievable in the gaming world in terms of purchasing and modifying cars, coming across a ramshackle beat up cars and transforming them into custom rides. There are plenty of excursions to keep one glued to the screen, such as drag races, off-road battles, and the crowd pleaser police chase.

So, save up this November for EA’s Need For Speed Payback. It will be available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC platforms.

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