Transfer Ownership of Your Car to Another Emirate: 5 Easy Steps

First, you must clear all pending salik and traffic fines.


Transferring the ownership of a car to someone living in the same emirate is an easy one-day process. Simply follow the instructions provided by the Road and Transport Authority. However, if someone living in another Emirate wants to buy your car, you need to know how to transfer ownership of your car to that person. There are 5 steps to the process which involve both the seller and the buyer throughout the transfer process:

  1. Pay All Pending Fines

Before you transfer ownership of your car, you must clear all pending salik and traffic fines. This can be done at any Dubai police station or through their website. This clearance is crucial for the new registration.

  1. Get your Papers Ready

If you do not want multiple visits to registration center, you should have all the required documents ready. The documents essential to transfer ownership of your car include identification documents (Emirates ID or passport and driver’s license) of both the buyer and the seller, the vehicle’s registration card, a new car insurance contract in the name of the new buyer, the car’s present registration card, an effective residence visa, car insurance in the name of the new buyer and an inspection certificate.

  1. Transfer the Mortgage

If your car is on mortgage, it still belongs to the finance company and you need to get the mortgage transferred to the new buyer through power of attorney. It is also wise for the buyer to confirm the status of the car through Road and Transport Authority before settling the mortgage. The mortgage status is maintained by the bank electronically.

  1. Get a Pass Report

The buyer should take a car test and inspect technical aspects before ownership transfer. The pass report can be obtained from Shamil Centers in your vicinity which takes around half an hour. The cost is just Dh140. At this point, the buyer can change the registration number plate. Usually, sellers get a pass report beforehand to show to the buyers that their car is road worthy.

  1. Register the New Car

Once the new insurance for the car is in place, you can transfer ownership to the new buyer by paying Dh340. Transferring the car from Dubai to a different emirate would require transportation in a recovery truck, which can cost a minimum Dh500. The buyer should know that without number plate, the car cannot be driven to another emirate.

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