World’s First Autonomous Flying Taxi to Debut in Dubai

Daimler has invested of 25 million euros.


The German based aviation company, Volocopter has successfully attracted the investment of auto giant Daimler and technology investor Lukasz Gadowski to develop world’s first autonomous flying taxi. This investment is the right financial kick Volocopter requires for fulfilling its recent project to make all-electric flying cars with no wheels.

Daimler has always shown interest in the new innovative technologies and its recent investment of 25 million euros in the project of Volocopter shows its interests in future mobility.

Volocopter has been working on its aircraft since 2010. Its recent groundbreaking project is part of its efforts to create an exclusive air transport system. This drone inspired vehicle is a step toward making roads less crowdy.

The company introduced all-electric Volocopter 2X last year with a capability to cover 27km. It can be recharged in under 2 hours. After conducting numerous tests, Volocopter managing director demonstrated its first manned flight in March 2016.

Considering its potential for future transport, just like Ehang’s taxi drone, Dubai has shown interest in using Volocopter. The test flights for world’s first autonomous flying taxi will be made in a few months’ time.

Dubai is working hard to advance its mobility options making 25 percent of all trips autonomous by 2030. So, the new Volocopter is probably the right choice for Dubai to fulfill this plan.

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