London Authorities Spin to Action Against Middle East Supercar Owners Revving

Last year, 53 penalties were issued between to drivers of these supercars.

Source: TheNational

Middle East Supercar Owners might have to review their driving behavior as Kensington and Chelsea Council i/s not ready to take any more antisocial driving behavior.

Finally, the residents of the London’s wealthiest borough can experience a peaceful summer, as council of the area is fully taking advantage of the rights granted by Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) to issue heavy fines to curb assorted driving behaviors including revving, banging from engine acceleration and playing loud music.

Wealthy visitors from Middle East countries like Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait and Qatar are often seen skidding the roads of Knightsbridge and Chelsea on their supercars in summers. This ‘supercar season’ has long been an annoying season for the residents of these boroughs.

These supercars are designed by their manufacturers to be loud, so councils of these areas are taking all the measures to curb the behaviors of these car owners.

Last year, 53 penalties were issued between £100 and £1,000 to drivers of these supercars, which range from Lamborghinis, Ferraris, Mercedes to Maseratis etc.

It seems now Middle East supercar owners have to head somewhere else to fulfill their motoring adventures, because Knightsbridge and Chelsea won’t entertain them anymore.

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