Dubai Car Showrooms to Certify New Cars Before Selling

The car showrooms will make sure that the customers get the best vehicles.


Dubai authorities are in action to certify new cars through careful examination. New car buyers in Dubai need not to worry now, as the car showrooms will make sure that they get the best vehicles. This policy has been adopted as part of the new project initiated by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) to detect the manufacturing defects and enhance the security of the vehicles.

Sultan Al Marzouqi, director of Vehicles Licensing at the RTA, said the project, which is likely to be extended to all Dubai showrooms by October, also encompasses to provide registration service and plate numbers to new customers.

In addition to positioning counters at every showroom, he said the authorities are fully coordinating with the showrooms to implement the project. In this regard, electronic systems are being installed in the showrooms to make it easier to conduct checks to detect faulty vehicles.

This initiative has been taken in response to many complaints filed against manufacturing defects detected in vehicles of major US and European automaker. This project will help to handle such defective vehicles beforehand.

This project to certify new cars is seen to be a great initiative to help the car buyers to get the best vehicles along with car registration and plate numbers.

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