How to Get Driving License In the UAE

Only two documents are mandatory for the first-time applicants.


Thinking of getting a driving license in the UAE? Read along, our detailed outline with informative links that will surely propel you toward your UAE driving license.


For residents/citizens lying between 18-21 years age bracket, a probationary driving license can be obtained after undergoing theory and practical training at one of RTA’s authorized driving schools and clearing the driving tests.

UAE residents/citizens above the age of 21 can obtain their driving license after going through similar training from an authorized driving school and clearing the driving test.

If you already have a driving license from one of following 36 countries, you can simply go for conversion by paying a transfer fee of AED 360 and following the steps here.

Australia       Austria           Bahrain         Belgium        Canada          Denmark       Finland France Germany      Greece          Ireland          Italy                    Japan            Kuwait          Netherlands   New- Zealand Norway          Oman            Poland           Portugal        Qatar            Romania          Saudi- Arabia South Africa   Spain            Sweden         Switzerland          Turkey          United-Kingdom United States                           South Korea

Documents Required

Only two documents are mandatory for the first-time applicants.

  • Original passport with residence stamp along with one copy
  • NOC (No Objection Certificate) and 8 recent photos (passport size)

Driving Schools and Fees

Fees are different for different driving schools, while the duration of training depends on the experience of applicants.

For first time applicants, 40 classes are required, for candidates with prior driving experience of 2-5 years, 30 classes, and for aspirants having more than 5 years of driving experience only 20 classes are needed.

You can end up spending anywhere from AED 3,630 to AED 6,395, depending on the duration of training and driving school you opt for. Have a look at this for detailed comparison of fees.


All the paperwork like driving application form and driving file will be submitted by your school to RTA, a representative might also be available at your school for assistance and guidance.

You will get your eye sight tested either at your school or at an optician. Choosing the one that saves you a bit is not recommended, so go with school’s test facility.

You will get a temporary driving license, not to be confused with probationary driving license, as you will only be allowed to drive in your training car.

The school will carry initial internal tests. Once cleared, your school will get you registered for theory test that will be followed by practical road test.

Theory Test and Road Test

The theory test will also be conducted at your registered school. You will need to carry your ID, 2 photos along with your driving file and AED200 theory test fee toward RTA, while appearing for the test. A total of 35 questions will be asked via computer screen in English, Arabic or Urdu language. Candidates can also opt to be interviewed orally if they can’t use computers. An additional Risk Recognition Test is also conducted to check response of entrants in certain situations.

Road test will be conducted at RTA License section where you’ll need to show up with your driving file and 2 photos along with passport. You’ll be required to submit the form and AED200 road test fee there. You will be called for driving test along with 3 other applicants. On passing the test, you will get approval paper from RTA inspector that needs to be submitted at Pass Counter with AED100 fee and ID. Follow through the counters and you’ll soon leave the facility with your UAE driving license.

If you fail the road test, you’ll have to take another 7 classes and reappear for the test.

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