Cars 3 Facing New Realities and Recapturing Lost Dreams

Its Box Office sales have already reached 19.5 million dollars.


Amongst the many movies to come out this year (or going to be released) was the third part of the ‘Cars’ series which was released two days back on 16th June 2017. Titled as Cars 3, it is a 3-D comedy film produced by Pixar Animation Studios and Walt Disney Pictures, which is directed by Brian Fee. The story is unlike any of its predecessors with visuals so real that it gives the cars a photo-realistic look. Due to this reason, its Box Office sales have already reached 19.5 million dollars.

The plot of the story revolves around Lightning McQueen, who is racing on the track with his friends, when a car comes up from behind and beats him. Later, a few other cars like Jackson Storm hit the track, and the old cars decide to retire. But Lightning, being stubborn and motivated, does not want to. But there is a problem. Other cars feature latest technologies and are 5 times faster than him, so how he can race with them.

The story portrays the challenges faced by old-fashioned cars and the motivation and drive required to overcome the limits. It also shows the clash between the modern and the traditional cars.

The story of Cars 3 can also be related to the struggles of human life. How old people try to fit in amongst the new generation. It also tells us if you have the drive and desire to achieve something, then nothing is impossible. What is Old is Gold; it never dies nor is it ever replaced.

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