First UAE Made Sports Car To Participate In Le Mans

Shipment was handled by Emirates SkyCargo and Prodex.


The first UAE made sports car will represent the Kingdom in Le Mans endurance race, France. Designed and manufactured by Jannarelly Automotive in collaboration with Equation Composites, the roadster is dubbed as Jannarelly Design-1 and is quite a looker with flowing curves reminiscent of Jaguar E Type and classic Ford GT.

A small team at Equation Composites builds customized vehicles valued in range of $70,000-$90,000. Though the design cues of the first UAE made sports car have been taken from 1960’s classic sports cars, the resemblance ends there. It employs futuristic lightweight composite materials for a high power to weight ratio. Although, performance numbers haven’t been released, but considering UAE’s performance in 2012 Le Mans, we can expect great things from this year entry as well.

First UAE Made Sports Car

Shipment was handled by Emirates SkyCargo and Prodex Worldwide on Thursday and has already reached Lyon, France. Prodex specializes in providing logistics solutions to multiple domains including aerospace and automotive industry. Emirates also has specialized expertise and extensive experience in handling luxury super cars. They employ both cargo and passenger planes to deliver these esteemed machines across 155 locations globally.

The video, released by Emirates, highlights the minute and intricate moves employed by highly trained staff at SkyCrago to ship the Le Mans entry safely and securely.

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