Toyota Targeting Skies with Sky Drive

The un-manned vehicle, roughly the size of a small car, was loaded with sensors.


Cartivator Resource Management tested a prototype of a flying car which they hope to finalize for human trial by 2019. The startup, heavily backed by automotive giant Toyota, is aiming to develop a one man flying car to light Olympic torch in 2020 Tokyo Games. The ambitious project dubbed as Sky Drive has got financial backing from Toyota, 42.5 million yen, and managed to hover above ground for a few seconds in its first media outing on Saturday.

The un-manned vehicle, roughly the size of a small car, was loaded with sensors and four propellers, finally retired after multiple attempts.

Never ending innovation and research are core values of Toyota, as the automaker has already invested billions of US dollars in multiple ventures across the globe. A Toyota representative said that ‘mobility’ is the focal point of Toyota’s business model; moving people, things, energy, money and information.

With its global leadership status in green vehicles, hybrids and EVs, Toyota is fast transforming itself into an alternate energy company.

The Japanese giant is not only taking on skies with Sky Drive, but has also been targeting mobility in water since 1997. They have already sold 847 boats and are planning to revolutionize the industry with their hybrid boats as well.

Recently, the company arranged rides for press in another concept project, Toyota Bay of a Lexus. The luxury yacht boasts dolphin-inspired curvaceous design, a marvelous set of two gasoline chromed engines, visible through the sheer flooring. Details on pricing and availability are still scarce, but company has already received interest from prospective buyers.

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