Rushing Vehicle Hits Abu Dhabi Police Car

No serious injury was reported.


Speeding is a serious offense in the UAE, yet most people are fined for breaking this sacred traffic rule. Yes, it’s a serious crime as it not only puts your life in danger but also of others on the road. But isn’t it more serious if you’re your rushing vehicle hits Abu Dhabi Police car?

This is what happened recently when a driver of an offroad vehicle rammed into the police patrol car parked on a roadside in Al Wathba vicinity of Abu Dhabi. Fortunately, there was no official in the police car, as it was parked to point traffic flow outside Al Wathba toward Al Ain. No serious injury was reported and we believe both the driver and the police officials would be safe.

The speeding vehicle swerved off the road and found only the traffic patrol car just to put it to halt. The crash was intense enough to overturn the Abu Dhabi police car.

The Police has advised motorists to always abide by the traffic laws and never indulge in over speeding. Moreover, they asked people not to circulate pictures of accidents on social media sites without confirming from the official police sources.

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  1. Osama Sartawi says

    I hope no one got seriously injured, i was going to Al-Ain that day and i saw this accident, it was horrible.

    Speed kills, and innocent people always got hurt for no reason, i hope people will learn one day that there is no use of speeding.

  2. Bilal says

    الحمدالله The police officers are not serious injured.

  3. Anonymous says

    And at this moment he knew, he **** up!

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