Watch Abu Dhabi Civil Defense Holding the Traffic to Rescue a Kitten

The video shows a heart touching sight.


The Civil Defense team of Abu Dhabi worked to rescue a kitten stranded on Salam Street (Sheikh Zayed Street) on Thursday morning and received great appreciation from the public on this gesture.

A civilian caught the rescue mission on camera and sent the video to Abu Dhabi’s Network on Instagram, which went viral gaining thousands of views.

The video shows a heart touching sight of five Civil Defense Personnel walking across the road to rescue a kitten. One of them was seen carrying the kitten gently back to the fire fighter trucks.

With Abu Dhabi Traffic Police cooperation, the Civil Defense team blocked the street first where the frightened kitten was trapped and successfully saved the kitten, while keeping the road safe.

Director General of Abu Dhabi Civil Defense, Colonel Muhammad Abdul Jaleel Al Ansari stated that someone called their operations room to notify them of a kitten stranded on Salam Street.

Colonel Ansari said that Civil Defense is always ready to handle such incidents and take humanitarian and animal welfare principles seriously.

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