Mercedes-Benz Cars Middle East and XDubai Team Undertake Three Never-Before-Seen Stunts

One stunt was world's-first.

Mercedes-Benz Cars Middle East has recently made headlines as the automotive brand in collaboration with XDubai team managed to pull off three Never-Before-Seen stunts, one of which has been world’s-first.

The stunts were performed for Mercedes-Benz’s new film where stuntmen used Mercedes-AMG’s venturesome A 45 4MATIC, the CLA 45 4MATIC and the GLA 45 4MATIC. The stuntmen included were Damien Walters, popular skydiver and base jumper Noah Bahnson and Nick Jacobsen, kiteboarding and kitesurfing champion.

In the record breaking stunt, Nick Jacobsen is seen driving the Mercedes AMG CLA 45 4Matic all the way to the top of Burj Al Arab Jumeirah and jumping off the helipad with just his kiteboarding gear setting the world record of the highest kiteboarding jump of 210m above the water. His previous record was of 90m.

Another stunt involves Noah Banson who launches off the Mercedes GLA 45 4Matic SUV and escapes in mid-air with a parachute 131m above the ground.

In the third stunt, Damien Walters is seen driving the Mercedes-AMG A 45 4Matic and grabbing a rope while escaping from the car’s sunroof.

Talking about the Never-Before-Seen stunts, Mercedes-Benz Cars Middle East head of Marketing and Communications stated that the company was very happy to work alongside XDubai to showcase the remarkable driving capabilities of the Mercedes vehicles.

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