Paddle Shifters Exist for a Good Reason

Let’s discuss why exactly you need them in your vehicle.


Ever wonder why your regular car features a paddle shifter? Sure, they are much functional in high performance cars to give you a sportier feel, but why the latest compact SUVs and minivans come equipped with paddle shifters? Erich Heuschle, an engineer at Fiat Chrysler Automobiles states that there are always cases where someone would need a paddle shifter. So, let’s discuss why exactly you need them in your vehicle.

  1. To Make You Feel Engaged While Out on the Road

There’s no doubt your automatic transmission is designed flawlessly. And as convenient it shifts gears, some people like to be more involved in driving action rather than leaving the entire task to the machine. It’s amazing how the paddles combine with different gearbox technologies to activate manual shifting. So, whenever you feel enthused by the vastness of the UAE roads, switch to manual transmission and embark on a thrilling road trip. After all, paddle shifters are all about fun and excitement!

  1. To Limit The Engine’s Maximum Rotational Speed

The primary use of a paddle shifter is to upshift or downshift a gear. This function can also be performed using a gear selector by toggling the switch up or down. However, the real application of a paddle shifter shines through on a race track. By using it with the track mode, the rev limiter activates and restricts the maximum rotational speed of the car’s internal combustion engine for safe racing and fast shifting experience.

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  1. To Help Put You in Control

Your paddle shifter can work just well in an automatic car, because let’s just admit that manual shifting is not an efficient way to get a fast driving experience. All the paddle shifters are not the same and so are the driving tracks. You would find some tracks in the UAE smooth, while others are rugged. Paddle shifters give drivers the control they need to drive on challenging surfaces.

  1. To Support Weight While Driving Downhill

Ensuring a safe downhill drive, your paddle shifter helps control the load when you descend or ascend a steep track. As soon as you approach such a track, switch gears using the shifter. This will help maintain a solid acceleration without you having to take your hands off the steering wheel. You can also use shifters to activate engine brake if you’re driving downhill. You won’t be able to drive smoothly down a steep road with your automatic transmission, because it can’t see the incoming hill, but you can.

  1. To Prevent Wheel Spin on a Slippery Surface

Most up-to-date cars come with snow mode to prevent the vehicle from slipping on snowy tracks. A paddle shifter is a more conventional way to transfer this power over to the driver’s hands. You can manually limit the torque sent to the wheels and prevent wheel spin on a slithery track. Although the UAE’s weather is often dry, but next time when the rain hits the roads, make sure to stay in control using paddle shifters.

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