Audi Middle East Wins 9 Car Awards in the First Quarter

Audi Middle East has set a record for winning MECOTY.


The first quarter of 2017 hasn’t ended yet, and Audi Middle East has managed to win 9 car awards for different categories awarded by different entities.

The first car award ceremony of the year was held on March 1st, 2017 where “Wheels Magazine Middle East” awarded the Audi S8 with the “Luxury Saloon Car of the Year” trophy. The cars were rated on styling, value, performance and other characteristics.

Audi R8

The Audi R8 won the “Best Super Sport Car” award at the Okaz PR Arabia National Auto Award Ceremony on 27th March, 2017. Prince Sultan bin Bandar Al-Faisal gave this award to the Audi R8 after it received over 284,000 votes.

During the same week, at the Middle East Car of the Year awards, the Audi R8 was titled as “Overall Car of the Year” as well as “Supercar of the Year”. Besides the R8, other Audi vehicles also received recognition including the Audi A4 (Compact Premium Sedan of the Year), RS7 (Mid-size Premium Performance Sedan of the Year), S8 Plus (Large premium performance sedan of the Year), TTS (Sports Coupe of the Year) and the RS Q3 (Compact Premium SUV of the Year).


Audi Middle East has set a record for winning MECOTY award for every category it was nominated for. At the car awards ceremony, Enrico Atanasio, Brand Director of Audi Middle East expressed his joy over this victory and thanked all the customers for their support.

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