Abu Dhabi Motor Show to Start Tomorrow

The show focuses more on the sales side.


Abu Dhabi is going to celebrate its 2nd Motor Show from March 30th – April 1st at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center, UAE. This customer focused Abu Dhabi Motor Show will serve as a platform for displaying latest and existing vehicles bringing car lovers close to their favorite brands. Organized by Custom Events, the Abu Dhabi Motor Show will also combine two more events i.e. the Custom Show Emirates allowing suppliers to connect with consumers directly and the Middle East Car Of The Year Award 2017, which is the most prestigious award of the regional automotive industry.


Roman Gavrilin, COO at Custom Events stated that the last year edition of the Abu Dhabi Motor Show made us realize that we should focus more on the sales side, thereby we are arranging a slightly different motor show this time. With auto makers looking for more sales, customers at the Abu Dhabi show would be able to purchase vehicles with additional services and special packages and discounts making this event an ideal place for buyers to make a purchase.


A US pavillion, a Japanese pavillion and a number of Australian and European countries will participate to make the auto show acknowledged by the whole auto industry.

Gavrilin further stated that with 24,000 visitors last year, we expect a 20 -25 % rise this year.

Commenting on the Dubai Auto Show, he said that we are working on a different concept with more focuse developing a platform to assist automakers sell their vehicles.

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