How to Prepare Your Car for Long Term Storage

We have 9 major tips for you.


There are many reasons why you may need to prepare your car for long term storage in the UAE. You could be going away on a vacation, moving overseas for some business or being deployed by the military. In any case, you need to take some steps to prepare your car for long term storage. Let’s find out how to go about it:

Wash, Wax and Dry like a Pro

Clean your car thoroughly and make sure it is free from sand, water drops, salt and unwanted surprises left by birds. Vacuum the inner area of the car. I’m sure you do not want your car be a rodent’s new home! Another practical tip: add mothballs or dryer sheets to repel such pests.

Locate Storage Area

An important factor to consider is where will you store your vehicle. It should be a dry place to keep your car safe from the sun damage. After all, the desert sun is quite strong. Ideally, there should be protection against rust and pests as well. You can select a storage facility, park your car in your garage or store at a friend’s or relative’s house until you return.

Cover your Car

Whether you park indoors or outside, you should always cover your car. A weatherproof cover is ideal if you are parking outdoors. A breathable sheet or cloth will keep the moisture away from your car. It is vital that you double check all the windows are closed and there are no valuables or trash in the vehicle. All your car’s paperwork should be within the glove compartment as well.

Change Engine Oil

Experts recommend that you change car oil when prepping to store your car for long term storage. It will ensure that it is free from any impurities such as moisture, sludge or metal filings.

Take Care of Spark Plugs

Gently take out the spark plugs, spray a bit of oil onto its sockets and put them back in. This will prevent the inner area of the cylinder-head from rusting. I also recommend fuel additives that add a protective layer to the insides of the engine.

Fill the Tank up

Get a full tank of gas/fuel and add a fuel stabilizer to ensure that its internal area suffers no damage due to rust. An empty tank can attract moisture and put more pressure on the valves.

Protect the Paint

If your vehicle is covered and parked outside, there is still a chance its paint may suffer. To avoid this, remove any contamination from its exterior before you wax and polish it. By cleaning the car’s exterior thoroughly, moisture will stay out.

Inflate the Tires

The tires lose pressure when they sit idle for long. To manage this situation, it is wise to fill all tires up to the recommended pressure. If you are leaving the car for more than a month, this might not be needed because you have to put the car on jack stands to prevent flat spots which occur due to sitting on the floor too long.

Detach the Battery

When you prepare your car for long term storage, you can consider a couple of things. First thing you can make sure is to ask a friend or relative to start the car every week and drive it for a few minutes. If there is no body to attend the car, you can simply remove the battery and store it in a cool and dry place.

It is highly advised that you practice these steps carefully. These effective yet simple procedures will prevent any problems that may arise when you decide to drive the vehicle again.

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