RTA Sends Proposals to Standardize Driving Training Modules

The recommendations (if applied) will bring about 5 main changes.


The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) presented numerous suggestions to the Ministry of Interior for standardizing driving training modules. On Wednesday, RTA forwarded some recommendations to a team of specialists comprising of members from RTA, Dubai Police and Dubai Traffic Prosecution for reappraising the training modules of different driving license categories, re-examining the existing contents and making amendments to reduce road tragedies and traffic disobedience. The proposal also insists on running awareness campaigns to promote the execution of new driving training modules.

The recommendations (if applied) will bring about 5 main changes:

  1. The applicants going after driving license for motorcycles will have to take eight uniform mandatory lectures instead of two, whereas those requesting heavy vehicle driving license will need to take nine lectures instead of eight.
  2. Before getting their permit, heavy vehicle trainees will experience a pragmatic training to drive a trailer fitted vehicle to satisfy the applicable international standards.
  3. Short videos of actual incidents captured by surveillance cameras on the UAE roads will be a part of theoretical lectures for driving learners.
  4. New medical requirements will be applicable for seniors. They will go through medical examination every 3 years on approaching the age 60 and every 2 years once they are 70.
  5. Training manuals on driving will be updated with an additional guidance on handling vehicle fire incidents and using smart apps for reporting any road mishap.

Another set of changes brought forth in new driving training modules include:

  1. Cooperation with the Federal Traffic Council for the gradual issuance of driving licenses.
  2. Besides the approval of max 12 black points if the traffic file of the new driver exceeds one year, a period of temporary license provision to all the new drivers will be approved regardless of their age at the time of license issuance.
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