7 Affordable and Handy Car Gifts on New Year


New Year is just around the corner and you can’t decide the perfect gift for the car fanatic in your family. Well, let’s help you decide the perfect car gifts for your loved ones. The list below mentions seven cool car items that are handy durable and classy. They will not only add up to a car’s appearance but are also affordable ranging less than AED 100.

  1. Cell Phone Air Vent Car Mount Holder

6b40e8705e8aCell phones can be a lot to handle while driving and must be avoided. But what if the journey is long and you have to use your phone once in a while? For safety purposes go for  a car mount cell phone holder that attaches itself to the horizontal and vertical blades of the air vent. It’s not only within your arms reach, but also keeps your focus on the road. Besides, it looks great on the dashboard, eliminating the need of any separate LED display or navigation system for just AED 37. You cannot only take calls while driving, but also would be able to convert your phone into a navigator to help guide your destination. Cell phone holders are ideal car gifts for people who drive regularly.

  1. Cordless Tire Inflator

61IDMEyoLUL._SL1000_Well, this handy-dandy thing is not a showpiece, but a life saver. As 80% of the UAE territory consists of desert areas, we need to have necessary safety and maintenance equipment in the vehicle all the time to tackle any unforeseen circumstances. The flat tire on a lonely road can be frightening. Use the cordless tire inflator to inflate the tire within no time. Available with different nozzles, the inflator offers 100 psi (Peak)/80 psi (Continuous) saving you from the scorching heat and waiting for a tow truck.

  1. Massage Cushions

UT8I0yyXiVaXXagOFbX1Long drive can be extremely uncomfortable. This shouldn’t be as road trips are supposed to be fun. Why not get yourself or your friend a massage seat cushion to reduce the agony. These will not only provide a comforting experience through the bumps and cracks, but will also give a good old car a lavishing touch. Transform your car into a luxury using one of these starting from just AED48 or gift it to your car loving friend.

  1. Car Jump Starter

Screen-Shot-2016-04-27-at-10.24.31-AM-727x450This time saving gadget is all you need when your car’s battery breaks down. This quick jump starter allows you not to step outside your car and gamble with the battery, instead it jump starts your car using just the 12V cigarette lighter socket! How convenient. Think of it as a useful present on this New Year for AED77.

  1. Protective Car Floor Mats

Personalized-PU-Leather-Tailored-Auto-Carpet-Protector-Car-Floor-Mats-5pcs-Sets-For-Volkswagen-Jetta-Brown-l2These protective rubber car mats add to the elegance of the car’s interior. Not only this, they will also help your car loving friends get rid of the frustration of bringing the outdoor sands and dirt inside their car. Available in different shapes and sizes, these floors mats are easy to handle and cost only AED55.


  1. Black UFO Car Air Freshener

Air-Freshener-Car-Vehicle-Office-Home-Balm-PerfumeThis accessory is a car air freshener disguised as a UFO to bring an exciting sense of sight and scent. This almost prepares you for a thrilling experience once you hit the roads. The UFO shaped air freshener is a pretty sophisticated gift for a mere AED7.


  1. Waterless Car Wash

productimage-picture-waterless-car-wash-59Due to hot and dry conditions here, we focus much on conserving water. This idea of waterless car wash was also introduced by eco-entrepreneurs in Dubai. The product contains concentrated cleaning liquid and a liter spray is more than enough to wash the car without using any water. Now this might sound something odd to gift, but it is all the help a car lover needs to get rid of pouring buckets over their car or take it to a car washer. A few sprays will leave the car spick and span.

Buy one of these car gifts for a motorist you know and they’ll love you for it! A little less than their cars maybe! Have a lovely and successful New Year 2017!

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