Legal Driving Age in Dubai Remains 18 Years


The legal driving age in Dubai remains 18 years as per the UAE’s Federal Traffic Law. There has been some discussion in the Federal circles to lower the minimum driving age, but RTA does not support this act.

“UAE’s Federal Traffic Law specifies the age limit for driver license applicants and RTA is only responsible for executing the law and regulating the driver licensing process,” said Behroozian, CEO of RTA’s Licensing Agency.

Behroozian believes the legal driving age in Dubai must remain 18, as traffic data suggests young drivers are more involved in accidents because of the rash driving. Reducing the legal driving age means we have to deal with more law-breakers and fatalities.

RTA is also suggesting minimum 20 hours of training for beginners from next year where learners have to take a minimum of an hour’s lesson per day. Previously, beginners had to take 40 classes for 30-minutes each. RTA thinks the hourly classes would equip the learner drivers better in driving.

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