5 Best Dune Bashing Locations in the UAE


The deserts in the UAE are easy to access for anyone here and people definitely know how to make a sport even out of the desert. Ever heard of Dune Bashing? It’s the perfect sport for adrenaline junkies. What could be more exciting than bashing your 4×4 through soft desert dunes? If you haven’t experienced it before and you love offroading, what are you waiting for? There are many desert safari opportunities in the UAE with different packages and deals that include dune bashing along with other exciting activities.

For the best dune bashing experience, it is important to know the best locations in Emirates. Try these 5 Dune Bashing locations if you want to have a memorable time bashing through the sands:

  1. Al Faya Desert:

Location: Sharjah/Al Malaiha road (E55)

147230321From Dubai, it would take you 50 minutes on road to get to the Al Faya Desert. If you drive along the Sharjah-Kalba Road to the east-coast exclaves, you will reach the ruby sands of Al Faya, which is a beautiful work of nature. The desert is also known as ‘the Big Fall’. The dunes are huge making it ideal for dune bashing Both for Amateurs and skilled drivers. The desert is also the perfect place for camping in the night. Just find a spot away from dune bashing activities and set up your camp under the starry sky.



  1. Bidayer:

Location: Hatta/Oman highway (E44), Sharjah

1737042114A 45 minutes drive from Dubai would take you to Bidayer – one of the most famous dune bashing locations in the Arabian Peninsula. Always crowded with adrenaline junkies, Bidayer is called the “Big Red” because of the big red color dunes. The landscape is simply breathtaking; the sand changes color from yellow to red as the day passes on. On weekends, motorists swarm in to quench their thirst for offroading. The place is also open for picnics and camping when the heat cools down.



  1. Sweihan:

Location: Abu Dhabi/Sweihan/Al Hayer road, Abu Dhabi

3552155955Drive to Sweihan from Dubai in one hour and 15 minutes. This desert connects to Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Al Ain. The sands are soft and dunes are really big, so if you’re an amateur you might want to train yourself before you start bashing dunes in Sweihan. It is also known as “Little Liwa” because Liwa fans practice here.
Deep into the Sweihan desert, the Naqrah dune is a must visit for those skilled in dune bashing. If you’re interested in some exploring, Sweihan is your place. You could even run into Arabs with their camels and falcons deep in the desert.


  1. Liwa Desert:

Location: Rub Al Khali, Abu Dhabi

1304322817To reach Liwa desert from Dubai, you have to drive 3 hours or more. You’re not a skilled driver if you’ve not been to Liwa Desert aka “The Empty Quarter”. Some great festivals and competitions are held in Liwa desert – the largest one in the Arabic World. Offroading enthusiasts come here to drive through the Moreeb dune, also called the Terrifying Mountain, which stands at an angle of 50 degrees and is 300m high. Visit the place and let us know if dune bashing on the Terrifying Mountain terrifies you.



  1. Jebel Maleihah aka The Fossil Rock:

Location: Sharjah/Kalba road, Sharjah

3070926498To reach this amazing landscape from Dubai, you just have to drive 50 minutes drive. Dune bashing at this location is something you shouldn’t miss. What’s interesting about this place is that apart from dunes and sands, you would find marine fossils and shells of marine life here. Who could have imagined that Emirates was once under the Tethys Ocean? Jebel Maleihah is a perfect adventure spot with full of wonderful surprises.

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