Why Driving Your Car On Empty Isn’t Wise?


Who doesn’t enjoy driving down a long road while listening to their favorite music and humming along? This joy can turn to ashes with a single beep of your fuel warning indicator. Some motorists really don’t pay attention thinking they still have enough fuel to go a few miles more. Though, it can be true, but driving on empty can damage your car in the long run. It is best to take a detour and refill your fuel tank. This piece of text will explain why driving your car on empty or close to it isn’t the wisest thing to do.

Trust the Fuel Warning Indicator

As said earlier, most driver keep driving thinking there is enough fuel for them to go a few more miles. Let’s just say it’s true, then what? You would have to get the fuel tank refilled anyway, why not before it dries up? How embarrassing would it be if your car suddenly comes to a halt in the middle of a busy road causing the whole traffic behind you to block? How about ending up stranded on the desert?

There’s More to Just an Empty Tank

You might not be aware, but it’s not just an empty tank that should worry you. Driving your car on empty can cause serious damages. When there’s no fuel, the fuel pump sucks in air and dirt from the bottom of the tank which can clog the pump. Replacing a fuel pump or getting it cleared up is going to cause you a lot more than a simple refill.

The Technical Part

The fuel isn’t just to keep your car moving. The fuel pump in your car uses petrol/diesel to stay lubricated. Driving your car on empty means it won’t get enough fuel to stay smooth and might even overheat. This can lead to your fuel pump refusing to work. A fuel pump failure results in bad performance. Wondering why your car has not been working smoothly? You have your lazy habits to thank to! Guess what, all the dirhams you have been saving on fuel will not be enough to get a new fuel pump.

Don’t always Trust the Fuel Gauges

Fuel gauges are not always accurate. The accuracy depends on your car’s fuel economy and your driving habits. If it says you still have enough fuel to go another 30 miles, don’t trust it and get gas before you have to wait for a tow truck to pull your car to the nearby gas station.

Driving your car on empty and ignoring your car’s fuel warning can cause serious damages to your car’s fuel system, which will require a lot of dirhams to repair. So, it is wise to spend less than half of that money on fuel before you hear that nasty little beep! It’s for your own good.

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