How to Keep Kids Calm on Long Drives


Although the idea of long drives sounds attractive and romantic, yet it can be daunting with kids accompanying you. Before having kids, I used to go on long drives with my better half, and we really loved speeding up and slowing down on long, never ending roads. Now I just do everything in my power to avoid long journeys, but it’s inevitable when your in-laws live miles away and vacations are approaching. Kids want to meet nana and pops! There’s no running away now.

Can you relate? Here’s what you can do to keep the kids from screaming out of boredom. I tried these tips and I no longer avoid long drives!

Shut them up with Toys

Once my little daughter wouldn’t stop whining all the way because Mr. Big Ears was all alone at home. It’s the name of her teddy bear. Don’t roll your eyes; he has these really enormous ears! Anyway, from that day on I stuff my car’s trunk with my kids’ favorite toys – trust me, they’re many – before every journey. Can’t foresee what the brats might ask for on the middle of nowhere.

Stuff their Mouths with Food, Snacks Preferably

The best way to distract the little devils is to stuff them with lots of food. On a long journey, always take your kids’ favorite snacks and food with you. Feel any frequent uncomfortable movements? open up a pack of crisps. See a creased forehead or hear a silent whimper, give him a chocolate.

Technology is your Savior

We have a tablet for kids with lots of games downloaded in it. I download different games in my iPad too, just before the journey. After the vacations are over, I just delete them. So, we hand over the pieces of technology to each kid when the journey starts to eliminate their boredom. I’m also planning to install those overhead DVD players in my car, mainly for the kids and partially for me because I don’t want them messing around with my iPad.

Make it Comfortable

The main reason why kids start to annoy on long journeys is that sitting for hours makes them really uncomfortable. Make sure you take soft pillows and cushions with you to make the space more comfy. If you have an SUV, ensure there’s a lot of room for them to stretch and even lie down for a while.

Lie without Shame

I know, I know! Lying is wrong, lying is bad, once a liar is always a liar, blah blah. But a lie made for the sake of good is fine, guys. Relax! Whenever the most dreaded questions like, “how far, mum?” or “are we there yet?”, are blurted out, ignore your morality for a while and lie. Right in their faces? Of course not! You’ll have your backs toward them.
C’mon, they’re your babies. Their fragile minds don’t need to know the horrifying details of the miles and hours of journey left. Soothe them with a sweet, harmless lie. Try saying, “Not far, sweetie”, “We’ll be there in no time, darling!”. See, Not so difficult, is it?

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