6 Things to Say to Your Car’s Salesman


Listening to the car’s salesman explain how this car or that car will probably be your last chance of getting your hands on a good deal requires a lot of patience. While you sit there buckled up and the dealer is playing around with your mind with his careful, sugar-coated words, you can jump in and play your own game. Who says only your car’s salesman is allowed to do all the tactical talk? In this piece of text, I’m going to share with you some clever things that you can say to your car’s salesman to put him in a defensive situation:

  1. “This car’s good but I don’t love it”

Your car’s salesman knows that you won’t buy a car if you don’t love it. He’ll then try to make you love the car by adding in different offers. He might even be ready to negotiate on the price more. Don’t get jumpy even if you love a car. Act cool and see how the dealer will sweeten up the deal for you.

  1. “I want to buy a car within a week”

If the dealer knows you need to get a car now, you will get more attention and a better service. The salespeople are desperate for a deal and if they know you want one right now, they’ll even give you some irresistible offers.

  1. “I’ve forgotten my credit card home”

The car’s salesman will definitely ask if you have your credit card. Don’t tell you do. Or simply just tell that you’ll get the credit card once a good deal has been finalized. By saying this, you turn the tables and put the pressure on the salesperson. He’ll then try his best to get a good deal for you.

  1. “I have a trade-in and I want it professionally appraised”

Taking your trade-in to the dealership and telling the salesperson that you’ll get appraisal from a third party is sure to put him on guard. He just wants to take a look at your vehicle and decide how much it’s worth. If you tell him, you’ll come with an appraisal later he’ll become nervous and try to convince you otherwise. You can then play your cards right and ask for a better price.

  1. “The deal is good but can you add this in too?”

After the deal is done and before the money finally changes hand, you can ask your car’s salesman to install an extra gift like a Bluetooth or a DVD player. This is the best time to negotiate on extras, as the salesperson is eager to seal the deal.

  1. “I think the car has some issues…”

Being a know-it-all himself, a car’s salesman is taken aback by a person who knows cars. If you’re one of those people, you have a greater chance of getting a good deal than a person who doesn’t know much about cars. When you thoroughly check the technicalities and little details about the car and point out different issues, the salesperson realizes he can’t fool you. He will then deal with you carefully, making sure he doesn’t charge you extra because he understands he’s not the only knowledgeable person in the “showroom”.

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