How to Wash Your Car Better Than the Experts


If taking your car every other week to the service station feels like a big commitment to you, then we suggest you wash your car yourself in your own garage. Let’s admit, you cannot let your second home, your new car in Dubai, stay all messy and dirty for long. In this article, I’ll share some simple and easy tips that will help you clean up your car like a pro. When you are done, you would think why you had been paying for your car wash when you could have done it better yourself. Let’s have a look at the tips and tricks:

  1. Use a cleaner made specifically for vehicles:

Many people don’t know that using detergents or dish soaps can reduce the life of their car’s paint. Every time you apply common soaps or detergents on your car’s body, they suck up some of the important oils from the paint resulting in a dull finish and eventually a damaged paint. Wash your car with cleaners that are formulated specifically for vehicles if you don’t want to end up with a lusterless car.

  1. Use stiff scrubs and brushes to clean the carpets:

You don’t need to soak your car’s carpets every time you wash your car. You can use some hard scrubs and brushes to get the dirt out of the carpets. After you’ve removed the carpets, use a blower to force the dirt out of small nooks and corners and then vacuum the interior.

  1. Clean your leather seats with aloe conditioner:

If your car has leather seats, you can just clean them up with an aloe conditioner. It will not only clean up the leather and restore its shine, but will also help extend the life of your leather seats and prevent it from cracking.

  1. Clean your tires with non-acidic cleaners:

While most people use acidic cleaners to clean up the tires, I suggest you use a non-acidic cleaner. Why? The acidic cleaners can damage the paint on the wheel rim, whereas a non-acidic cleaner clears all the dirt without damaging your tires.

  1. Use a detailing brush to get the dirt out of small corners:

Hold a vacuum cleaner in one hand and a detailing brush in the other. Brush the small spaces, corners and crannies to get the dirt out, sucking it right away with the vacuum in your other hand. Don’t forget to clean the console, door panels, the AC, fan, air vents etc.

  1. Use a non-smoke spray to kill that smoky smell:

What good would it be if you wash your car, but it still smells like an ashtray? Buy a good aerosol spray to destink your car’s interior. After the smoky feel has vanished, use your favorite car air freshener to give it a homey feeling.

  1. Clean windows and mirrors with Ammonia-free glass cleaner:

Give your windows and mirrors a shiny look by spraying an Ammonia-free glass cleaner on them and then rubbing with a micro-fiber cloth. Ammonia can damage the instrument panel, so it is best to avoid it. Don’t forget to rub away the grime on the edges of the windows, because it’s all about little details if you want your car to look beautiful.

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