Know What Your Car’s Brakes Are Trying to Tell You


For a safe and smooth drive, you must take care of your car’s brakes. Although brakes make unusual noises when they are not functioning properly which is a sign that they need maintenance or even replacing, but to play safe, you should have your car’s brakes checked every now and then even if there’s no apparent problem. Make sure you take care of the odd sounds and signs. Below we will discuss those that need immediate attention:

  1. Scraping Noise:
    If your steering wheel starts to vibrate and you hear a scraping sound of metal on metal, it is an indication of rough rotors. Rotors are discs that hold the wheels when you apply brakes, slowing them down. The rotors should be smooth and even, for a safe drive. Rough rotors make a scraping sound, which means they need repairing right away. If the damage is big, you might have to change the entire brake’s hardware.
  2. Screeching Noise:
    If you are continuously hearing a shrill noise that ends when you apply brakes, it is a sign that your brake pads and shoes need your attention. As the steel hits the rotor, and you hear a piercing noise, it is time to change the worn out brake shoes before they harm the rotor. A simple repair may turn into an expensive replacement.
  3. Grinding Noise:
    Stop right there! This is a dangerous sound. Grinding racket signifies a lack of brake pads material, which means the rotor and brake pads are striking. Quit driving and have your car towed to the nearest motor repair shop.
  4. Chattering Noise:
    This noise comes as a built-in problem with your car. It happens when the rotor of your car have not been properly installed. Call your car dealer or a mechanic to have a look at your car’s brakes.
  5. Grabbing:
    When your car’s brakes grab even with a slight push of the foot, it means the brake fluid has contaminated the linings. The solution is to clean them up or change the linings. Grabbing might also be a result of the drums or rotor incorrectly arranged. The mechanic would resurface them or install new ones.
  6. Brakes Lights:
    If your car’s brakes lights are on, it is a clear message that you need to have your car’s brakes inspected.
  7. Hard Pedal:
    If you have to apply more pressure than usual in order to stop your car, it means you have a hard pedal and brake pads have worn out. Do not keep pushing the pedal with all your strength otherwise your brakes would totally fail. Stop and call a mechanic.
  8. Burning Smell:

If your car is emitting burning or pungent odours, pull over. Check your brakes; the smell might be a result of your wheels burning due to a faulty brakes system. Call the helpline because these smells could lead to your car catching a fire.

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