Pro Tips on How to Test Drive a New Car


New car buyers pick their rides taking into account a variety of factors, practically as various and diverse as customers themselves. For a few, it’s styling, some consider cost, while others concentrate on factors like fuel economy, comfort, practicality, off-road capabilities etc. To find the car you need, it is wise to first test drive it. Below are pro tips you should keep in mind while you go to test drive a new car..

Do Not Hurry

If you rush your decision, you might end up buying a car you just don’t love. Prior to choosing a car, do your homework. Before going to a UAE car dealership, you need to do some preliminary research which would give you more control over the test drive. You will know right away what things you should be looking at once you get in the car. Look at car reviews and performance tests. Make a list of cars that you like and fit your budget.


Make a list of the cars considering the options you are interested in. List the features you ‘need in your car’ and the features you would ‘like in your car’. Select few cars that look to be the best on paper and are in your budget. Once you shortlist your desired car, contact the dealership to take the test drive a new car.

The Drive

To test drive a new car, make sure to examine all the options in a short amount of time, simultaneously. This will help you in making the right comparison. Take a friend or an expert who can remind you of all the relevant aspects you should be assessing.
You should also ask if you can keep the car overnight and take your time with the judgment.

Once you approach the car take note of the following:

  • How easy is it to get in and out of the car without hunching or hitting your head?
  • Is there enough headroom and legroom, for both the driver and the passengers?
  • How comfortable is the driving position? Are the seats adjustable? Ergonomics can affect the driving experience to a great extent.
  • How appropriate is the ride height?
  • How is the front and back visibility? Are there any blind spots bothering you?
  • Are there adjustable paddles? And does their position go with your body type?

When you test drive a new car, assess the following factors:

  • Check whether the vehicle has enough power to securely converge with expressway traffic speed and if the brakes have a strong, consoling feel to them. How long does it take the car to come to rest when you hit the brakes?
  • Take many corners to evaluate the vehicle’s stability and traction when taking sharp turns over rough surfaces. Drive in different styles to see how smoothly the transmission operates.
  • How much sound does the engine make when you accelerate? How much noise made by the tyres enters into the cabin? How much wind noise enters the car?
  • Is the suspension soft or stiff? Make sure to visit the roughest street in Dubai you can discover all the while. It’s common for car makers to make an auto that rides pleasantly on a smooth street, yet the ride could be unpleasant on a rough road.
  • If you want to test the off-roading capabilities of the vehicle make sure you go offroad. Go up and down-hill to see how the car responds. See if there are any towing abilities and how much load can it hold?
  • See how the car handles the different speeds? How responsive is the steering wheel?
  • Are the mirrors adjustable and positioned well? Is the rear view complete? Does the car have assistive blind spot monitors?


While you test drive a new car, take an ideal opportunity to figure out how to park the car. Could you exit with the doors not fully opened? How tight is the turning sweep? Is the ride height and body so low that it hits the sidewalks? How troublesome is it to parallel-park? Does the overall size of the vehicle affect its parking abilities?


  • See if the vehicle offers everything you need in your day to day commute. Try to put in your luggage that you wish it could fit. Try to fit in a little more. See how much room is left after placing in the child seat or your pet.
  • Mileage! Check the fuel efficiency on both freeways and in city centre. Cars take a lot more fuel when stuck in congested areas and heavy traffic. You should also take note of the emissions for environmental and tax reasons.

Interior and Controls

  • Make sure the user interface is easy and user friendly. How attractive is central command unit? Are there adequate gauges, details, and display screens? Are they easily accessible, easy to view and operate?
  • Check how the AC works and how responsive is the climate-control.
  • Is Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity with voice alteration available? Can you sync your mobile devices via Bluetooth or any other means?
  • Listen to how the stereo sounds?
  • Is there ample room for your things in the dashboard? Are there cup holders for your coffee?
  • Is the navigation system spontaneous? Is it accurate in its directions? Does it have the updated maps?
  • See what features might become annoying in day to day use?

On the off chance that you are shopping during the evening, recollect that the vehicle’s shading can look altogether different under streetlights. You might need to return amid sunlight hours before you settle on an ultimate conclusion.

Will you love your new car forever? Well, there is no guarantee of that, but this amount of preparation is due for a major acquisition and will probably make you more certain about your official choice.

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