The Best Time to Buy a Car in the UAE


Buying a car is certainly the second most expensive purchase for a common person – the first one being, purchasing a house. So, you can’t just grab a briefcase full of Dirhams and go to the car dealer and tell him you wanted to buy a car. Well, you can do that too if you are filthy rich, but if you want to save money and look for the best deal out there, there is one thing that you should consider more than anything: Time. You can save a big amount of Dirhams if you know the best time to buy a car. Just like other commodities, car prices rise and fall every now and then. When they fall, that is your best opportunity to find the perfect deal. Now, how do you know when the car prices would fall? In this article, we shall explain the best time to buy a car:

At The End of the Day, Month, Year…

That’s right! The end of a time period comes with happy news for people who want to save money on their car purchase. Even though central air conditioning has worked miracles in coping with the hot climate of the Arabian Peninsula, but the days are still long and tiresome. At the end of the day, the car agents are too tired to negotiate with their clients. You might be able to win the bargain if you set out to buy a car at the end of the day.

Car dealers have a monthly sales quota and they aim to reach that by the end of the month. They receive bonuses on reaching or exceeding their quotas. So, at the end of the month when the salespeople are desperate to get their hands on the bonuses, they might be willing to drop a few hundred dirhams.

The end of the year marks the best time to buy a car because dealerships want to offload the year old stock before the latest models hit the market. For instance, if you wait until December of this year, your car dealer will surely offer you a significant discount on the old car models. Bear in mind that the previous year models may not have the latest features. The design and technology would be a little different. But it still would be a new car – your very own car.

When A Vehicle Is Deemed Discontinued?

Car manufacturers discontinue certain cars for specific reasons like poor sale of a marquee or introducing something new motorists are most interested in. You can save a lot of money buying a vehicle that has been discontinued. You must understand that a discontinued vehicle is not always a bad automobile. The manufacturer has stopped developing that vehicle because they probably want to try something new.

On National Holidays

On National Holidays, pay attention to smoking deals, because apparently, the joy of holidays makes car dealers very generous. They offer great discounts on Eids, New Years etc. The holiday deals are not just about discounts, they might also accompany package deals like free tuning and maintenance for a year or so, warranties, comprehensive insurance, and so much more.

During the Holy Month of Ramadan

The Holy month of Ramadan is respected all across the Arab States and that is without doubt the best time to buy a car. Car dealers always launch Ramadan campaigns to not only entice potential customers but also make room for the latest stock. Just like the holiday deals, Ramadan car deals boast flashy packages and huge discounts on brand new cars as well as on lemon cars.

In an attempt to keep ahead of their competitors, car dealers are always giving away discounts and packages on car purchase. You just have to wait until they do that, for good things come to those who wait!

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