How to Dodge a Speeding Ticket on UAE Roads?


Speeding on the UAE roads when no police officer is in sight can be fun, but mind those almost invisible traffic cameras that are always in search of drivers who forget their limits. I believe speed kills safe driving. It is wise to abide by the UAE traffic rules because that is what good citizens do. If you are one of those who love speeding, the odds to get a speeding ticket are extremely high. The best way to avoid getting those red and blue lights chasing you is not to speed at all. But you can’t do that, can you? Being a speed lover myself, I understand that the need for speed is quite overwhelming and most of the times you just can’t help it.

Knowing and secretly admiring your fast and furious side, I’m sharing some tips that are your best chance to avoid a speeding ticket when you get pulled over:

  1. Pull Over Quickly

When you see that loud siren chasing after you, slow down quickly and pull over on the side of the road. Do not let the sirens chase you for long.

  1. Turn off the Engine and Turn on the Dome Lights

As you stop the car, it’s a good practice to turn off your engine, so that it doesn’t feel like you are in a rush. Turning the inside lights on is a way to show the officer you have nothing to hide.

  1. Manners Make the Man

All right, so you don’t have to act like a worthless person even if you were driving like one. The best way to avoid getting a speeding ticket is to act gentleman-like and be nice. I have some sub-tips to share here:

  • When you get pulled over, greet the police officer and put on a decent smile. This might alleviate the tension.
  • Ask the officer how was the day. Remember, the police officer is also a human being, so treat them like one, especially when the odds are not in your favour. Plus, a decent conversation never hurts, does it?
  • Don’t sound guilty, but don’t sound so sure either. You can say, “I thought I was going with the traffic flow”, or come up with a similar tentative expression to help you.
  • Do NOT argue. They are police officers, with a gun. So, make them feel you believe what they are doing.
  • Smile and request the officer to consider giving you a warning and they might do that owing to your good behaviour.
  1. You’re no James Bond

Now that you have got caught, it is wise not to act all suspicious, to avoid a speeding ticket. Let’s have a look at some sub-tips:

  • Staring at the officer coming to you from your rear view is mostly unintentional, but it puts the officer in doubt. Don’t ever do that.
  • Don’t rush out of the car and approach the officer yourself. The officer comes to you and that’s it.
  • Put your hands on the steering wheel. This is for the officer, with a gun, to feel safe.
  • Ask the officer before you reach for your wallet to get your license and registration out. This too, is to make the officer feel safe.
  • Do as they say and nothing except that.
  1. See the Camera Before it Sees You

If your car supports a GPS Navigation System, take advantage of it. You can speed up and still dodge a speeding ticket, doesn’t it sound fun. Download a Points-of-Interest (POI) software program on your gadget and outsmart the cameras. The software will tell you if there’s a traffic camera somewhere nearby, so that you can slow down in time. The link to the software can be found on the GPS manufacturers’ website you select. I recommend Garmin.

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