Main Reasons Why Your Car Does not Start


You woke up late and turns out you don’t have enough time to get ready, have breakfast and then drive all the way to your office. You jump out of your bed, put on some decent clothes, skip breakfast, grab your stuff and run to your car. You put the key in and turn it, but the car does not start. “Not now please”, you think to yourself, panicking a little. You try again, but your car does not start. Why is that happening? There can be many reasons why a car doesn’t start. But first, we should be able to explain as to why your car’s engine is being so stubborn. Let’s have a look at them:

  1. The engine doesn’t crank at all, or does so slowly
  2. The engine fires up, but the car doesn’t turn over

Can you identify what happens when you try to ignite the engine? If yes, let’s learn the reasons why a car does not start:

1.      The Engine Doesn’t Crank At All Or Does So Slowly

If there is no or low cranks on turning the car key, it can be because of the following reasons:

  • Your car’s battery is dead or weak – This is called parasitic drain. It happens when you turn off your car, but some systems remain on and consume the battery slowly. No worries, you can jump start your car and be on your way. But make sure that the battery is only weak not damaged. Otherwise, you would need to take help from a professional.
  • Electrical connections are lose or disconnected – Check your car for any damaged or broken cables. A lose or detached battery clamp can be the reason too. Check if the fuse broke or got burnt.
  • The starter is damaged – As the name suggests, this component is necessary to start your car. If it malfunctions, the engine wouldn’t bother starting. Pray this not the reason, because replacing a starter can be a costly business.
  • There is a security error – Another reason why a car doesn’t start is the wheel lock or any other security error depending on the car you are using. Even the most sophisticated security systems can get confused sometimes and prevent you from starting the car.
  • Your clutch switch is not in the right place – Check if the clutch switch locates at its place. If it isn’t, you know what to do.

2.      The Engine Cranks But The Car Doesn’t Pull Over

If the engine cranks, but doesn’t pull over, the following can be the reasons:

  • You are out of gas – It sounds dumb but this is quite possible. The engine refuses to pull over if your car has no fuel. Before you start panicking, check the fuel indicator.
  • Water is messing up with your engine – Another reason why your engine cranks but doesn’t run is because water has got into it. The best way to remove water from the tank is to replace the entire fuel with new. If you are not sure of what you are doing, call a mechanic for help.
  • Your fuel line is blocked or broken – Make sure that the fuel reaches the engine without any hindrance. The fuel line can get clogged sometimes. Also, make sure it’s not broken. If it is, call your mechanic.
  • Your spark plugs need replacing – If you’ve experienced poor engine performance in the recent past, it’s an indication of spark plugs going bad. You would have to change the spark plugs.

If you know cars and you think you can handle most of the above situations, you are good to go. But we still advise you to let a professional interfere if you don’t want to end up with something more than just a malfunctioning engine. Remember, you are getting late for office, aren’t you?

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