Types of Drivers – Which Category You Fall in?


A group of psychologists have divided drivers into different types to determine their response to traffic on the road. According to the researchers at LSE, the seven different types of drivers are categorised depending on how they manage their own feelings and the way they react to the behaviour of others on the road.

These types of drivers range from the ones who think they know everything about driving and road ethics to those who believe others behind the wheel are inept fools. Besides these, there are drivers who want to teach you a lesson every time your over-take them the wrong way.

Given below is the brief overview of different types of drivers.

  1. The Teacher:
    The Teacher is probably the most common among different types of drivers. They would make sure that you learn where you have been wrong on the road and would not rest until you realise your mistake. To satisfy the teacher, we recommend you admit you were wrong and you appreciate their excellent driving skills.

Do you see yourself as The Teacher?

  1. The Know-it-all:
    These drivers think that they know everything about driving and everyone else on the road is just an inept fool who should be ripped of their driving license. They could be seen shouting their lungs out to everyone on the road. If you are not the Know-it-all type, then you are also an incompetent fool in the eyes of them.
  2. The Competitor:
    Do you like speeding up just to get ahead of others on the road? Yes? Then, you are a Competitor. Such drivers don’t like when other cars dare move ahead of them, so they would speed up as someone tries to overtake them. They would do everything in their power to prevent others from getting in front of them.
  3. The Punisher:
    Now, this one is probably the scariest of all other types of drivers you will encounter on the road. Know that you will have to put up with their anger if they think you misbehaved on the road. The Punisher might even get out of their car and get on you personally to punish for your misbehaviour.
  4. The Philosopher:
    The Philosopher is the complete opposite of the Punisher. They will forgive your misconduct on the road and will try to rationalise it. They are very good at containing their feelings on the road. Does this sound familiar to you?
  5. The Avoider:
    As the name suggests, the avoider evades any kind of fight or argument. They stay cool for other drivers’ acting up on the road and keep away themselves from bad drivers.
  6. The Escapee:
    This type of drivers doesn’t bother about other drivers on the road. Escapees keep themselves distracted from the surroundings by listening to music in their cars or by talking over the phone with someone whilst they drive. They don’t like confrontations, so they don’t pay much attention to others on the road. It’s their way of avoiding frustration or anger.

So, which type you fall in?


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