All UAE Public Transport Buses Soon to Have Anti-crash Technology


There is some good news for motorists in the UAE. RTA’s accident prevention project featuring anti-crash technology has reduced accidents by 50% in its experimental phase, reports Gulf News.

The anti-crash technology has recently been victorious at the Transportations Smart Services Excellence award at the Middle East Smart Government and Smart Cities Excellence Awards.

The accident prevention system consists of multiple sensors, advanced cameras and alert systems that have been linked to the Operation Control Centre (OCC).

Abdullah Yousuf Al Ali, CEO of RTA’s Public Transport Agency (PTA) explained how the system monitors the driver. The camera constantly observes when the eyes are closed and records a video. This even works when the driver wears glasses. This video is shared with the Operational Control Centre for affirmation. The OCC asks for the driver’s ability to drive. On recording repeated fatigue incidents, the driver is replaced.

He also added that the drivers will be trained to deal with stress and the travellers.

In addition to the anti-crash technology, the buses will be equipped with sensors that can detect any defects in the buses and notify the Operational Control Centre, so reducing the chances of road accidents drastically.

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