5 Off road Driving Tips for Beginners


If you own a 4×4 offroad in UAE and it’s been living its life on the roads alone, then it’s the saddest story I’ve ever heard. What’s the use of an offroader if you have not taken it to the Arabian Desert for some offroading adventure? Okay, don’t get too warmed up just yet. You need to learn some off road driving skills before you take your car on a journey in the wilderness. Not only this, you would also need some common sense, skills and a heart not afraid of a little adventure. Now, all this is going to take some time to master, so you would also need a lot of patience. I know you are really excited about your off road driving trip, but let’s not get too excited. You don’t want to end up burying yourself in the sand terminally. So, before I give some offroading tips, I would suggest you go talk to a professional and ask for their advice to help you develop your abilities.

While you do that, check out my 4×4 off road driving tips too. These tips are not inclusive for all possible circumstances, just some general pieces of advice to help you start with your new adventure.

  1. Know your Vehicle’s Limits:
    Learn about your vehicle as much as you can. Make sure you are aware of the amount of “thrill” it can handle. 4×4 are designed for these kinds of adventures. But just to be safe, know if your vehicle can handle the trail other than the green laning. For this, your vehicle should be well maintained and you should be aware of its minimum ground clearance. Here are our best offroading vehicles 2016.
  2. Learn some Wheel Positioning
    Make sure you always know the position of your wheels whether you are driving on mud, dirt, rocks or the desert. You may deem it easy, but it is not as simple as it sounds. The chances of forgetting the position of your wheels are huge, especially after you’ve whipped the steering wheel to overcorrect. Never do that! Don’t shy away from checking your wheel’s position from the window. While you do that, reduce your steering input. Also, hold the wheel in such a way that your thumbs are stretched outwards. You might break your thumbs during a kickback if they are wrapped around the inside of the steering wheel.
  3. Take your Friends with You
    Never go offroading on your own. It’s a good idea to take your friends. What if you need to tow your car out of a ditch or you’re hurt? Bad things can happen anytime during your adventure and someone else’s presence can change things for the better. Also, another pair of eyes to help and guide you through different obstacles would not harm. Moreover, a good company in the wilderness is always fun. Don’t forget to tell your family or friends about where you are going. In case you are not home in time, they know where to look for you.
  4. Learn How to Get your Car Out:
    Getting stuck is easy. Freeing yourself is the hard part. If you are stuck, don’t try to spin at full throttle to get yourself out. You’ll make things more difficult. Just a little throttle and steering input would do.
  5. Never Forget the Recovery Equipment:

The best off road driving tip would be to take a simple tool kit, a rope or chain and a jack for towing. If your vehicle is big enough, take a winch too. As you won’t get any cell service in the wilderness, it would be wise to take with you walkie-talkies or a CB radio.

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