5 Tips to Keep in Mind While Teaching Teen Driving in UAE


Gearing up your teen for driving is an important personal milestone. You may be a sound driver but passing that knowledge to make your teen an expert in driving requires a dedicated effort. Share a few valuable tips based on your experience and give some hand-on driving practice sessions to make teen driving a fun.
Here’s what we have for you:

Abide by All Road and Traffic Regulations

road-and-traffic-signsAbiding by the traffic rules and regulations may sound like a simple advice, but is the primary aspect of safe driving. Road and traffic laws are very comprehensive in the UAE and have serious implications for those who go against them. For example, the person who causes an accident which results in a death of some person, they get 12 black points, the vehicle is impounded for 30 days and the fine amount is decided by the court. Road rage and minor expressions such as crossing a red light can attract heavy penalties.

Teach your son and daughter to make it a habit of abiding by all the UAE traffic rules. Share information pertaining to teen driving such as road signs, pedestrian rights and the basic driving judgment skills. Inform your teen about traffic principles such as not turning right on a red light or parking in the area with yellow and black sign etc. Recently the Dubai Traffic Authority have put a fine on listening to music, using cellphone or eating while driving, so make sure to inform your teenager to avoid these activities during drive time. If you feel as if you have missed some important details, see our guide. This will prepare your teen for the written driving test. Also give a real exposure of teen driving by taking them to a drive and share a few practice sessions at places where there is little to no traffic for a hands-on driving practice. Do not forget to advise your teen about wearing the front seat belt to ensure safe teen driving for everyone on the road.

Staying Aware of Your Surroundings

Chicken-crossing-the-road2-726x400The roads of UAE are prone to accidents despite the implementation of strict traffic laws by the Road and Transport Authority. Distraction is the main cause behind most of the traffic accidents. These situations can be averted easily by staying vigilant on the road.

Advise your teen to focus on driving instead of surroundings and avoid getting restless or impatient during the rush hours. Driving during the holy month of Ramadan also becomes a cumbersome experience for many drivers. Take extra care and be tolerant to avoid emergency situations while on the move.

Drive with a Complete Peace of Mind

peace_of_mind-wideDriving with a complete peace of mind is important to stay out of danger. Facing an emotional or tragic experience can hinder your focus while driving. UAE has a zero tolerance policy for driving under the influence of alcohol and other illegal drug substance. So make sure your teen stays clear of the mind-altering substance while driving to root out all the possibility of heavy fines including imprisonment.

Night Driving

dreamstimemaximum_4751274-copyTeen driving at night time can be dangerous, as many young drivers go wild driving at nighttime. Traffic is also scarce during hours of darkness and this can lead to losing concentration on the road. Give your teen night driving lessons to familiarise them night driving challenges. This will help your children to drive safely with 100% concentration.

Continue Coaching Your Teen

afb3a0dd-cf4c-4f87-a0e8-7cd40402b043Teenagers are inexperienced and are bound to make mistakes. You need to continuously mentor them and monitor their t driving skills from time to time. You can also seek assistance from professional trainers to let them evaluate the teen driving abilities while they drive with complete freedom within the ascribed limitations.

Teaching teen driving can be a lot of fun. Follow the above-mentioned guidelines to turn your teen into a skillful driver.

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