Licensed Food Trucks to be Allowed in Abu Dhabi


Abu Dhabi government has passed orders regarding the usage of licensed food trucks in the city. They will have to adhere to strict policy and guidelines. The news is appreciated by mobile business owners given the rising trend of the food truck industry in the world.

The announcement was made by ADDED (Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development). The department has specified that the food truck business must be either wholly or partially owned by an Emirati.

ADDED reserves the right to determine the locations on which licensed food trucks can operate. There will also be regular monitoring to ensure adherence to policies, failing which ADDED may revoke the license.

Restaurants/business owners who want to apply for a licensed food truck may do so at any ADDED branch. The final approval will be granted by people at ADDED headquarters. Approved applications will be forwarded to the Permits and Advertisements Section that will issue letters to external stakeholders for further approval. Pursuant to the agreement of the external parties, the Permits and Advertisements Section will issue the final permit.

The department’s website provides access to the application form plus the policies and guidelines for operating a licensed food truck.

Some of the violations which may result in revoking of the license include parking in unpermitted zones, selling of items prohibited by the ADDED guidelines, usage of a vehicle that does not comply with specifications, and non-adherence to specified timings.

Moreover, food truck operators will be held responsible for leaving waste material in the vicinity, contributing to noise pollution, providing sitting space outside the food truck, using an advertising material which is not approved by ADDED or causing traffic problems.

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