Stuntman Performs A backflip Over a Formula E car Traveling at 60 mph


Can you perform a backflip over a Formula E car? Well, the stuntman Damien Walters has done it and it is definitely one of the craziest things you would see today.

Damien Walters is a professional stuntman who has also worked for Hollywood movies. This particular stunt move was organised by the Formula E managing team where Walters was asked to perform a backflip over a Formula E electric racing car travelling at 60 mph. The driver behind the electric sports Formula E car was Alistair Whitton who couldn’t help but state that the stunt was in fact ‘crazy’.

Walters took 2 days to prepare for his backflip. He was required to jump exactly 6.6 seconds after the car started in order to accomplish his stunt and a digital clock was placed for his help. The video was recorded on a 360 degree angle so you can view it in multiple angles.

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