Toyota 28 Concept Boat Unveiled at 2016 Japan Boat Show

The most popular and one of the biggest automotive seller in Japan, Toyota does not only manufacture vehicles but also builds boats made out of the company’s traditional aluminium hull and powertrain taken from the automobiles. Lately, at the 2016 Japan Boat Show, Toyota revealed a Toyota 28 concept boat that features a different body structure compared to the boats the company created in the past.

The Toyota 28 concept uses a multi-material hull design that boasts a combination of aluminium and carbon fibre along with fiberglass-reinforced plastic molding technology.

This new body construction technique improves the rigidity and keeps the weight of the boat lower, thereby improving the performance and handling. Since the whole structure is built with molds and the resin acts as the bonding agent, Toyota indicates that more complex structures can be created too.

The Toyota 28 concept will be built in partnership with the American diesel engine manufacturing firm, Yanmar. It is expected to enter the assembly line for production in October this year.

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