Fast and Furious Crash Marathon: Video


If you are a car enthusiast, get ready for the Fast and Furious crash marathon! We have a supercut featuring 110 crashes from the first six movies of the Franchise.

The Fast and Furious crash marathon is likely to be a big hit not only with fans of the movie series but also with anyone who loves fancy cars. The franchise, which has evolved into a fantastic 10 movie saga (rumors of spin offs continue to circulate), has been acclaimed globally as a huge success. The superbly executed characters each have their own fan base and are equally appreciated for their individual quirks.

The last 3 segments of the franchise will of course be without Paul Walker (Brain O’Connor), but the hiring of a new director and promises of a dramatically different storyline are sure to keep fans hooked on. In the meantime, the crash marathon will keep the heart of the franchise alive – fast cars, great racing scenes, spectacular crashes!

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