Nine McLaren F1 Beauties On Track -Video


Being one of the most successful cars in formula one racing, only 106 units of McLaren F1 have been manufactured so far making it a rare super car. While a single McLaren F1 can give amazing adrenaline rush to any car enthusiast, imagine watching nine McLaren F1 beauties, and that too, on a single track. What a spectacle!

This is exactly what the attendees of 73rd Member’s Meeting of Goodwood Road & Racing had witnessed. Thanks to one of the YouTube users, a video of this astounding sight containing GTRs, road cars and longtail race cars is now available over the internet for fans to view.

While the fans may think this was once in a life time occasion, let us break it to you that it’s a fairly common sight during the congregations of McLaren F1 Owners Club. Click here in case you are interested to further read on about these gatherings. We sure you won’t see nine McLaren F1 beauties anytime soon.

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