Does your Car Need Motor Oil Replacement?


A reliable car maintenance guide will always advise you to go for oil replacement regularly. Luckily, oil changing is one of the cheapest replacements a car requires and it helps your car run smoothly.

Why is car oil so important?

Car oil perhaps carries out more duties than any other component within the engine. Some of its key tasks include protection of the engine by keeping the moving parts properly lubricated, making the engine cool by transferring away excess heat, assistance in pumping to key engine components at lower temperature and keeping the engine free from damaging deposits.

In the absence of oil, the engine will deteriorate and eventually freeze, and your car will refuse to move.

So oil needs changing?

Yes, not once or twice but regular oil replacement.

Irrespective of its quality, car oil gradually loses its ability to perform the above mentioned tasks effectively. This is mainly because the chemicals within the oil are used up with time, making the oil no better than grease. Since greasing is not the only utility your car’s engine needs, the oil must be replaced before dirt and deposits begin to pile up in the engine.

Which oil should I choose?

There is a plethora of engine oils available in the market, but it’s pretty simple to establish the kind of oil your car requires. If you refer to your vehicle’s manual, it should tell you the correct viscosity of oil needed by your car and you can also find the same printed on the cap of the engine. When you go for purchasing the oil, you need to buy one with the desired viscosity.

How to change car oil?

You can get your car oil replaced either from a reliable mechanic or DIY in your garage. Oil replacement isn’t a very tedious task and if you have the energy and will, you can save yourself money by doing the simple task at home. This site provides a detailed description along with the required equipment for people who wish to change car oils by themselves.

However, those who want to get oil replacement professionally should contact a local mechanic or visit any of these car mechanics in Dubai.

When should I replace car oil?

Car oil needs replacement when a certain mileage has been achieved or a particular time frame has been fulfilled. Most commonly, car oil replacement is recommended every 3,000 miles or every 3 months.

Most experts believe you should follow the odometer and not the calendar. The engine oil suffers more when the car is driven rather when it is still. However, depending on the quality of oil, replacement may not be this frequent.

Other factors that affect the frequency of motor oil change include excess heat and driving in areas with lots of dust and sand. Unfortunately, all of these factors are true for the Middle East, which means you have to keep a constant check on the quality of your car’s oil for signs of replacement.

Experts warn against not changing engine oils, because the damage it causes to the engine is far more costly than a simple and regular oil change.

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